Assignment 2, you have my undivided attention

Finally, Assignment 2, you have my undivided attention.  I know, I have watched you from my peripheral vision, sitting quietly on my desk, urging me, to stop and flip the pages (yes, I still print copious amounts of pages to read the notes posted in our ICT course).  Your words are truly tempting,

“Just have a look at the curriculum for a minute, just consider what you might like to initiate for assessment.” 

Alas, I have not succumbed to your charms – until this moment.  However, I have done so knowing now I can give you my undivided attention. Isn’t that what you want?

Hmmm.  The first page I turn to discusses preamble.  That’s cool: Unit Topic, Length of unit, Year level, Context.  Yep.  I can do this. … but what is with “Special Events”?  This is the first time I have had to contemplate what “Special Events” might be happening at the school when conducting a unit of work. 

Hmmm.  Let’s see what Uncle Google has to say about “Special Events”.  Well, as luck would have it, Uncle Google provided me with a couple of options to peruse to help me get an understanding of the “Special Events” schools have throughout the year.

For Your Calendar contains over 50, yes over 50, “Special Events” that schools may or may not include in their calendar year – WOW!  This site even stipulates if the event is Australian or International. Fabulous.  This website appears to be pretty resourceful – check it out!

As I continue my journey through the UoW process, I may well use fellow student, Prasadpratima62 descriptions of short/medium/long term planning, as a guide.



  1. Very entertaining and helpful blog.. Uncle google 😉 … I must admit this UoW is far beyond what we would normally need for a unit plan but hey have to get the grades right :/ .. All the best, keep on keeping on

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