Managing Challenging Behaviours

With only one day left to attend my current Professional Experience for ICT & Pedagogy, I was drawn to a posting from fellow student prasadpratima62 who discussed the variables to be considered when dealing with students eliciting challenging behaviours.

Ironically, I am currently undertaking the course, Managing Challenging Behaviours, and was able to incorporate some of the strategies that have been raised during the course.  This was a major highlight to my practicum.  Techniques such as ignoring behaviour which you do not want repeated, using praise when wanted behaviour was demonstrated, and removing all students from the classroom to continue the lesson, allowing the student having a ‘melt down’ to be removed of audience and remain in the classroom until ready to join in the activity outside.

Implementing these strategies has given me confidence in my development as a teacher, so I am no longer concerned (perse) about managing challenging behaviours!


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