A little about me

I am a mature-aged student specialising in Special Education, studying at Hervey Bay both on-campus and on-line – depending on the course accessibility.

My husband and I have lived in Hervey Bay for 15 years and love it!  Blessed with twin 14 year olds – a girl and a boy – the happenings of our house can be diverse.  Nevertheless, we manage to get a laugh in here and there, particularly at either my husband or my expense!

As my trading card attests, ICT’s and me … well, I enjoy using them, but I do get sweaty palms when the need to troubleshoot arises.  Generally, my first instinct is to call for help from my son, but lately I have been getting brave and trying to figure it out for myself – sometimes with success and other times, well, let’s not go there!

So, I can comfortably say I am not a nerd, and I haven’t a clue to what “luddite” is.  I can’t live without my iPhone or ASUS tablet – SkyDrive is so cool!

This course is THE place for me to be at the moment.  At my last Prac I witnessed (from afar) a non-verbal Special Education classroom.  Every student communicated and carried out their day to day school activities through their ipad.  That was so inspiring.  I can’t wait to be a part of that and to help develop the same culture and experiences for other students both with and without special needs.

I hope that I will return to the same school in the not too distant future, closer to achieving my goal of heading down the same path as this class’ wonderful teacher.


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