Online Security

Wow!  We’ve been asked to sign up for many, many different applications, and what-nots for the ICT and Pedagogy course I am currently undertaking, but one of the most recent ones takes the cake.  The Lollipop Test dared us to log on to Facebook, at the risk of allowing access to all our contacts, photos, etc. 

This is where I drew the line.  I was not opening this if it meant allowing access to my folder.  So, I went to the YouTube clip provided for those who do not have Facebook.  Obviously, some didn’t – like Georgia Leigh, who was quite unprepared for what she got out of the exercise.

Like Georgia Leigh I think the issue of safety on Facebook is disconcerting.  Facebook have a special site to help set your security up properly: Security on Facebook.  But, my question to you is: do you trust them?


A Teacher’s Little Chat

Leesa Jones recently took the time to post a blog regarding teaching students to be resilient.  This reminded me of a recent parent/teacher interview I attended for one of my children.  The teacher we were meeting with told us about a little “chat” she sometimes has with a class if the students are exhibiting obnoxious tendencies. 

I suppose the crux of the “chat” she has is that the students who are ‘intelligent’ are that way by nature and thus should be humble – they haven’t acquired this position through hard work and effort.  Her inspiration is to see the students who are not as (naturally) intelligent apply effort to achieve the best they can

Now some could commence dialogue about Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences  or Nature versus Nurture; but that is a different discussion altogether.

Nine Planets

Everybody appears to be excited about his or her next three weeks and actively chatting about using this resource and doing that activity.

Fellow student Jenny Entsch-Keith, recently blogged about Cool Cat Creations, an exciting app used to create puzzles.

We all have a multitude of resources in our repertoire we have Googled, or heard about.  Will we get the opportunity to use them?  Will we remember them when it comes to planning our lessons? Will our students get as much out of them as we expect them to?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have been completing another course assignment, which focuses on Solar Systems, and was fascinated by an interactive tour of the solar system, located at Nine planets – which to me is hilarious because we have given poor little Pluto the flick, now only recognising eight planets.


There be no IWB in my Practicum Classroom

Reading the course booklet on IWBs and the potential for them to be effective tools was good preparation for the upcoming practicum.

Unfortunately, as I was meeting with my mentor yesterday, I cast my eyes around the room seeking out the IWB for use in my middle school classroom … nope!  Not in this room.  Hmmm.  I did see however, a HUMONGOUS (is that even a word?) television/DVD player, which was being a very effective tool, but certainly no interactive whiteboard.

Now I look forward to my first couple of days of observation to see how the teacher engages the students effectively, as I have been informed the students are very engaged by technology.  I suspect iPads play a major role in the process.  Eeck!  I wish I had chosen an iPad over a Tablet for my personal use, to have some experience.  ‘Looking forward to the students teaching me!

Although AOYI200 has an amazing clip to show us the benefits of SMART board interactive whiteboards, I will be re-reading through Feedly for all the technology suggestions made by my fellow students about iPads.  For example, I found this article by Michael Cohen, at Mind/shift inspirational.


Best wishes for everyone on their PE!

Professional Experience

I, like many of my peers (including Stephanie Mitchell), am super excited (albeit a little nervous) about commencing my Professional Experience this coming Monday.

I met with my mentor yesterday, whom I had officially met at my last practicum.  Walking in to a room knowing whom you are to work with is comforting.  Having already undertaken a practicum at this school was also comforting, as it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I met the students I will be working with, hardly a one wanted to make I contact with me!  However, they were keen to inform me how old they are!

When my mentor and I were discussing the make-up of the class, she informed me that one of my students has been diagnosed with Stickler syndrome.  I have not heard of this syndrome, so was curious to find out more.  On a cursory look, I found a website, which detailed the genetics of Stickler syndrome.  Genetics Home Reference  informed me that Stickler syndrome is “a group of hereditary conditions characterized by a distinctive facial appearance, eye abnormalities, hearing loss, and joint problems”.

I consider knowing a little about the issues students are dealing with will be helpful in planning lessons and my approach and interactions.

Now I have met my students, I am so excited about returning to the school on Monday.  Monday morning – BRING IT ON!

Understanding of models and frameworks

Undertaking the task to identify the purpose and application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience was not as cumbersome as anticipated.

In fact, it was quite rewarding.  Taking the time to complete this task about these models/frameworks prior to undertaking either the next assignment or my Professional Experience has impelled me to reflect extensively.

  • What framework will I use?
  • Why will I integrate a particular piece of technology next week in my class?
  • What purpose does what I am about to undertake have?
  • What value-add will this bring to my students and their learning journey?

Oh, Mr David Jones, you are a clever one to get us to do this!

I have found some excellent resources to use for my assignment, which I have saved in Diigolet – a wonderful repository to store my favs.  Stephanie Mitchell spoke about the CLEM model and identified a valuable resource to aid with the understanding of this model.

Although, I have yet to begin my assignment, only finding out today about my class, my table is a good place for me to start and draw on.