Online Security

Wow!  We’ve been asked to sign up for many, many different applications, and what-nots for the ICT and Pedagogy course I am currently undertaking, but one of the most recent ones takes the cake.  The Lollipop Test dared us to log on to Facebook, at the risk of allowing access to all our contacts, photos, etc. 

This is where I drew the line.  I was not opening this if it meant allowing access to my folder.  So, I went to the YouTube clip provided for those who do not have Facebook.  Obviously, some didn’t – like Georgia Leigh, who was quite unprepared for what she got out of the exercise.

Like Georgia Leigh I think the issue of safety on Facebook is disconcerting.  Facebook have a special site to help set your security up properly: Security on Facebook.  But, my question to you is: do you trust them?


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