Curriculum + Assessment = Undecided

As part of the Community and sharing sector of Week 5’s abundance of information received to assist with the completion of #EDC3100 Assignment 2, I am required to outline the following in a blog:

  •          What is the context (especially year level)?
  •          What are the learning objectives?
  •          What are the assessment criteria you’ll use?

Right now, I am unsure whether to go with Year 4 Geography or Year 5 Science.  My thoughts keep bouncing from one to the other – too frightened to miss any benefits one will have over the other. 

But why have I selected these to make a decision from?  I have already completed assignments, which include formative and summative assessments, on these two learning areas.  Will this assist me with my workload or preparation and understanding of the subject?  I am yet to find out.

Interestingly, Kathleen McCallum has elected to focus on Year 5 Science for her UoW.  She states in her blog that she started yesterday, from the simple task of selecting year level, learning area and curriculum.  Today, Kathleen has developed both her formative and summative assessment ideas.

Although my focus is intending to be a different aspect of the Year 5 Science curriculum, thanks to Kathleen, I have the impetus to work towards making THE decision: Science or Geography.

Off to the curriculum site to research my options!  It is time to weigh up the pros and cons …



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