There be no IWB in my Practicum Classroom

Reading the course booklet on IWBs and the potential for them to be effective tools was good preparation for the upcoming practicum.

Unfortunately, as I was meeting with my mentor yesterday, I cast my eyes around the room seeking out the IWB for use in my middle school classroom … nope!  Not in this room.  Hmmm.  I did see however, a HUMONGOUS (is that even a word?) television/DVD player, which was being a very effective tool, but certainly no interactive whiteboard.

Now I look forward to my first couple of days of observation to see how the teacher engages the students effectively, as I have been informed the students are very engaged by technology.  I suspect iPads play a major role in the process.  Eeck!  I wish I had chosen an iPad over a Tablet for my personal use, to have some experience.  ‘Looking forward to the students teaching me!

Although AOYI200 has an amazing clip to show us the benefits of SMART board interactive whiteboards, I will be re-reading through Feedly for all the technology suggestions made by my fellow students about iPads.  For example, I found this article by Michael Cohen, at Mind/shift inspirational.


Best wishes for everyone on their PE!


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