Understanding of models and frameworks

Undertaking the task to identify the purpose and application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience was not as cumbersome as anticipated.

In fact, it was quite rewarding.  Taking the time to complete this task about these models/frameworks prior to undertaking either the next assignment or my Professional Experience has impelled me to reflect extensively.

  • What framework will I use?
  • Why will I integrate a particular piece of technology next week in my class?
  • What purpose does what I am about to undertake have?
  • What value-add will this bring to my students and their learning journey?

Oh, Mr David Jones, you are a clever one to get us to do this!

I have found some excellent resources to use for my assignment, which I have saved in Diigolet – a wonderful repository to store my favs.  Stephanie Mitchell spoke about the CLEM model and identified a valuable resource to aid with the understanding of this model.

Although, I have yet to begin my assignment, only finding out today about my class, my table is a good place for me to start and draw on.