Nine Planets

Everybody appears to be excited about his or her next three weeks and actively chatting about using this resource and doing that activity.

Fellow student Jenny Entsch-Keith, recently blogged about Cool Cat Creations, an exciting app used to create puzzles.

We all have a multitude of resources in our repertoire we have Googled, or heard about.  Will we get the opportunity to use them?  Will we remember them when it comes to planning our lessons? Will our students get as much out of them as we expect them to?  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have been completing another course assignment, which focuses on Solar Systems, and was fascinated by an interactive tour of the solar system, located at Nine planets – which to me is hilarious because we have given poor little Pluto the flick, now only recognising eight planets.



Magical Moments

Fellow student Tamara, shared a magical experience in her son’s Year 1 classroom here.  This blew me away!  Another fantastic resource at our finger tips.  I intend to explore the Moo-O site over the next couple of days in the hope of using it during my Practicum at a Special School.  This is a perfect way to get engagement, participation and interaction happening across the curriculum.  I am so glad Tamara took the time to share this resource with us.

Another site I am considering using during Prac is Aurasma, an augmented reality app (AR) which is one of a myriad of new AR apps becoming available.  This is a little tricky to use at first (I tried it on my iPhone) but is REALLY effective when mastered.  One example I viewed, was a printed picture of a poet.  Once Aurasma was activated, by simply focusing the phone on the picture, the poet pulled a drink out from behind his waistcoat and started reciting one of his poems!  MASSIVE.

This is a link to see the poet come alive on YouTube: