Professional Experience

I, like many of my peers (including Stephanie Mitchell), am super excited (albeit a little nervous) about commencing my Professional Experience this coming Monday.

I met with my mentor yesterday, whom I had officially met at my last practicum.  Walking in to a room knowing whom you are to work with is comforting.  Having already undertaken a practicum at this school was also comforting, as it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I met the students I will be working with, hardly a one wanted to make I contact with me!  However, they were keen to inform me how old they are!

When my mentor and I were discussing the make-up of the class, she informed me that one of my students has been diagnosed with Stickler syndrome.  I have not heard of this syndrome, so was curious to find out more.  On a cursory look, I found a website, which detailed the genetics of Stickler syndrome.  Genetics Home Reference  informed me that Stickler syndrome is “a group of hereditary conditions characterized by a distinctive facial appearance, eye abnormalities, hearing loss, and joint problems”.

I consider knowing a little about the issues students are dealing with will be helpful in planning lessons and my approach and interactions.

Now I have met my students, I am so excited about returning to the school on Monday.  Monday morning – BRING IT ON!


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