Magical Moments

Fellow student Tamara, shared a magical experience in her son’s Year 1 classroom here.  This blew me away!  Another fantastic resource at our finger tips.  I intend to explore the Moo-O site over the next couple of days in the hope of using it during my Practicum at a Special School.  This is a perfect way to get engagement, participation and interaction happening across the curriculum.  I am so glad Tamara took the time to share this resource with us.

Another site I am considering using during Prac is Aurasma, an augmented reality app (AR) which is one of a myriad of new AR apps becoming available.  This is a little tricky to use at first (I tried it on my iPhone) but is REALLY effective when mastered.  One example I viewed, was a printed picture of a poet.  Once Aurasma was activated, by simply focusing the phone on the picture, the poet pulled a drink out from behind his waistcoat and started reciting one of his poems!  MASSIVE.

This is a link to see the poet come alive on YouTube:



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