Over the last couple of days, I have progressed through an on-line professional development (PD) regarding cyber safety.  The Connect.ed PD is a requirement of one of my Uni courses, which consists of four modules.

What a great site! So informative, confronting and resourceful – AND I get a fancy-smanshy certificate at the end of it to put on my e-portfolio – WAHOO! See …


The simulation activities were quite hair-raising for me.  I had my two 14 year olds eagerly leaning over my shoulders offering advice – on top of the advice I was receiving online from my ‘friends’.  My blood pressure increased, I’m sure of it; the pressure was on!  No matter which tactic I took, I was hammered by my online ‘friends’.  I felt I didn’t have time to consider, to think about anything.  As soon as I shared a thought – yes, a thought, it was acted upon.  GRRR!  Don’t these people let you think aloud anymore?  No, seriously?  If this is the real word for 14 year olds – good golly – they can’t think anything through without consequences.

… And don’t get me started on the 11 year old.  At least he agreed with some of my reasoning – perhaps he still has his mother in his ear – not like those 14 year olds!!!  Hehehe!

I was a little frightened by the expectations when asked to prepare a Cyber Safety Education Plan, but was positively delighted to see the myriad selection of resources available – AWESOME!  The printer has been going ten-to-the-dozen all afternoon.

Fellow student, georgialeighk has recently completed her Connect.ed PD, too.  She felt this PD was more of a refresher for her, as she has grown up participating in the cyber world.

If you haven’t visited the site – as a parent, I recommend it

As a student, I recommend it.

As someone interested in what’s goin’ down at the moment, I recommend it.


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