Resources to develop learning experiences

Can you imagine how many ‘hits’ Scootle and the Australian Curriculum have received over the past couple of weeks!  Just for our course alone there must be oodles (not a website, just an old fuddy-duddy word).

I note fellow student, Bridget Elizabeth, has included both of these resources on her concept map to help her determine which resources to use for the development of her learning experiences for a Year 6 History UoW.  I, too, used these websites +++. 

However, located independently from these two sites, yet, interestingly enough, also included in them, is a resource that I think is AWESOME – has so many links to interesting information – particularly for my Geography UoW. 

At the commencement of my UoW, I thought about what I know about endangered species and what was significant enough to share with Year 4 students.  Voila – I happened upon and thought WHAT A FIND!  Then, to validate the site, I noticed it is also included in Scootle.

I am that enthusiastic about it that I even signed on up to their blog!  I’m an junky!  I recommend you look at it.


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