Pedagogical Framework of choice

Kiera Hamling recently penned her preference for the use of a Multiliteracies pedagogical framework in her next ICT assignment.  Interestingly, her words reminded me of previous courses I have undertaken where I was first introduced to the term Multiliteracies.

Kiera’s blog resonated with me, as I was reminded of the need to ensure all students are adequately* catered for.  [*Adequately – I don’t know if that word is ‘enough’ of an expectation really.]

Anyway, recently I used the 5E’s pedagogical framework for a Science assessment.  I considered using it again, as it is something I am now familiar with using.  However, was too intrigued by the aspects of the Integrating Socially planning and inquiry model framework to not use it in my Geography UoW.  To me, this framework was very clear and explicit: tuning in, preparing to find out, finding out, sorting out, going further, making connections and taking action.  A perfect way to set-up Year 4 students’ learning.

I am glad I used it.  I now intend to put some serious time into considering the use of this framework during my next practicum in May.


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