Good ol’ Queensland Cursive

While considering my blog posts to undertake this week, I happened across stellaedc3100‘s blog, Pre Practical Work Experience Nerves, which really resonated with me.  I, too, get ‘butterflies’ when I think about my next practicum.  Don’t get me wrong – I love ‘pracs’.  Apart from being so tiring, and some requiring a great deal more work than others – ahh, the memories of my first prac, where the expectation was predominantly to observe.    

While I am super-keen to get my teeth into teaching, I do get nervous about being up to my mentor’s expectations.  For me, one particular aspect I worry about is being able to write using Queensland cursive.  Although, the only time I have needed it was in my first prac with a Year 1 Special Education Unit.  Subsequent prac mentors have declared it the least of their worries, particularly in a Special Education school environment.  I wonder how my next mentor will prioritise it.

Stella is not alone in having pre-prac nerves, and I am certain we are not alone! 



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