Storyboard THAT!

Major influences on (appropriate) participation for students with special needs are social stories.  Time and again social stories are raised as a valuable tool to assist students to understand and undertake what it is they are required to do, be it eating avocado before a sandwich (a story fellow student GOannnaa verbally shared with our class last night), or using the toilet facilities in an appropriate manner. Storyboard THAT! appears to be an easy to operate resource which may suit the purpose of creating social stories for your classroom.  It has premade characters, settings and text adding facilitation.  In line with GOannnaa‘s enthusiasm for phone apps, it even has an app to install on your phone!

But seriously, social stories can help so many students to participate in class; inclusion of all students is a key aspect to teaching and successful learning.  Resources such as Storyboard THAT! benefit students in a mainstream classroom, special education unit or special education school.

Storyboard THAT!


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