Units of Work

In my earlier blog, I mentioned how I felt a little overwhelmed about completing Assignment 1 and receiving information about Assignment 2 at the same time. 

Is this how students feel during a unit of work?  Experiencing a feeling of elation, having mastered something – then the teacher moves on to the next section of the unit?  I know that is how some Year 12 students are currently feeling about Mathematics.  They have just mastered one part and the teacher adds another element, another step, to it.  We see it as scaffolding; the students see it as a “Gosh, I just got to the post and now you are moving it on me!” moment. 

Education Queensland have a terrific resource, Internet sites with planning tools and units of work, which you may find useful when undertaking Module 2 and planning future units of work.  It also includes links to other useful sites to assist you with ideas for developing units of work.

Providing an overview to students at the beginning of a unit appears to be a critical step in ensuring students know what the goals and expectations are for the unit ahead.


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