Taking a Moment …

Earlier this week I experienced such a nice feeling – Assignment 1 complete! … I think.  You see, I keep wanting to ‘improve’ on it; to hold on to it just a little longer in case I think of something else, something better.  But, would this really improve it?  Or am I procrastinating about handing it in?  Procrastinate a little more, I will.

This week we started being fed information heading us toward Assignment 2 – really?  I have just taken a breath from Assignment 1 and already I am expected to be developing ideas about the next one.  Am I behind?  Has everyone else forward planned his or her ideas on all the assignments relating to this course?  Nope.  It’s okay.  Your peers are working at the same pace as you are.  Take another breath!  Amusingly, to some extent, Padawan Teacher was expressing the same feelings of elation completing an assignment can bring.  We are not alone!

Putting pressure on oneself to ensure we do our best is common.  I located a website where the business is to produce “A Superior Hiring System for Superior Performance Results”.  It is interesting reading, so if you would like to maximise your performance I encourage you to have a read.


Anyway, I am taking a breath – and ahhhh.  It feels good to stop, take a moment, and put myself in a positive frame of mind about moving forward.  And here I am…


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