Approach to Education

Each course I am surprised with the amount of reading and preparation to be undertaken – but why am I surprised?  This is big-kids school now.  We are learning how to be professionals.  We are learning how to teach the next generations how to learn, how to be a (successful) part of society and the community, how to develop the skills they will need to pursue their dreams.

When I reflect on the reason why we need to be given the content we receive, I get back into it with clear determination.

Fellow student, SteveDruery, posted of his excitement at receiving advice he had participated adequately to obtain the full 5 marks for Part A of Assignment 1.  This in itself is a clear motivator to continue.

Coincidentally, earlier this week I was fortunate to obtain a link to an article about the different approaches countries take to education.  This site is definitely interesting reading; thought provoking.  The following quote caused me to pause and reflect – how can I ensure that it is part of my teaching repertoire?

“Teachers and principals in Finland have a strong sense of professional responsibility to teach their children well but also to judge how well children have learned what they are supposed to learn according to curriculum designed by teachers.”




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