Sharing ICT Resources

Sharing Scootle resources has been a highlight of the week.  It is a wonderful resource and easily accessible.  Fellow student prasadpratima62 has also spent part of the week investigating the resources available on the Scootle site.

A major focus of this course is to find and share ICT resources to enhance our teaching and student learning.  My mind is in overdrive because of the plethora of new resources identified by my peers and myself.

Fraser Coast Campus lecture attendees were fortunate to have educator Anissa Grumetza attend our class on Tuesday and provide working examples on effective ICTs for her classroom scenarios.

One that I had not heard of, but am keen to utilise is This site is where young students can safely Google research information without teachers (or parents) worrying about inappropriate material being incorporated into search results.  This is a MUST USE for at least the Primary school classrooms.  As a parent, it would be reassuring to know teachers were mindful and responsible enough to utilise this resource.




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