Giftedness – a topic of debate

I was intrigued to read a blog by preservicepilgrimageponderings (here) entitled “Giftedness is not a fairytale!”  It has inspired several peers to respond.

In fact, I am surprised at the responses received to the blog, directly and indirectly through the original blog message.

Recently, I noticed the Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc. were advertising a professional development seminar they are holding 27 March 2014.  What specifically caught my interest was Session 1:  An overview of how gifted students know, understand and think.  I would love to attend this session and find out some answers to the many questions looming for children who fall under this “umbrella”.

There are two other sessions for the day, which are also interesting, but to me, not as interesting as the first session would be.

Session1: An overview of how gifted students know, understand and think.
Session 2: Extending high ability literacy learners
Session 3: extending high ability numeracy learners

You may already subscribe to their website, but if not, for further information, the QAGTC site can be found here

Should children who are deemed “gifted” be accelerated in one or more subjects, or should the differentiation principles within the class apply? Although it needs to be considered on an individual basis (I believe), this question would probably be answered at sessions 2 and 3.


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