Find and share a “sharing teacher”

Scaffolding for assignment one preparation for the #EDC3100 course I am undertaking has students sourcing relevant, appropriate and active on-line sharing by teachers. 

Since setting up my new techno-gadget requirements for this course – you know the ones – Diigo, Evernote, Twitter, Feedly, etc. I have discovered a plethora of educators who blog as individuals and who blog as part of a ‘contingent’ of bloggers.

To address the current activity, to ‘Find and share a “sharing teacher”‘ I first went to Feedly to locate a suitable blogger.  However, the techno-novice in me became bored and, well, a little lost and confused!  How could I pick just one? How would I describe why they are the teacher that interests me?  Hey, I’m a student, I am interested in EVERYBODIES opinion and two cents worth.

Therefore, I decided to move onto other more interesting things – finding suitable background music for my artefact.  Well, yes, that became cumbersome, too quite quickly, but before I pulled the pin on it completely, I (luckily) stumbled upon an educator by the name of Layla Guerrero.  Layla is a Santa Ana Special Education Examiner.  This resonated with me, as I am undertaking Special Education.

Unfortunately, Layla’s blog, which peeked my interest, was written in July, 2010.  This means, it does not quite meet the criteria for the task set down – that is “who has been actively sharing in the last six months”. I have not been able to locate more recent blogs.

However, not to be put off, I held fast to the idea of having Layla as my “sharing teacher”.  Why?  Because, I emailed Layla regarding the song she posted about, “See what I’m saying“, as I was seeking permission to include it in my artefact. Layla promptly responded to me and provided me with information beyond what I had asked for. Definitely an educator I wish to follow.

I have subscribed to the “Examiner” in order to receive further emails from Layla and the team, and look forward to reading them.  You may wish to, too.  The site has some interesting reads regarding education.  Find the link here.  Let me know what you think about the site.

Now I am perplexed and undecided about “sharing” Layla or finding someone else.  I have emailed Layla asking if she has a blog I can follow.  If so, I will definitely share.

The site which caught my eye initially is here



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