Dad and the ‘Google Machine’

Fellow student, Kate Walker’s blog drawing on her dad’s relationship with technology, apart from being quite humorous, is quite pertinent. Poor dad!

Now, I don’t know Kate personally, but as I read her blog I envisaged her shaking her head profusely while reading Neil Postman’s Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change (1998); shaking her head and exclaiming: “This is so my dad!”

Her disclosure provoked two points of interest for me. Firstly, our #EDC3100 lecturer, Joe Wright, said to us last night –
Parents will be expecting you to teach their children how to type in Word with their iPads. They won’t want their children playing games with computers! (Not a direct quote).

Is this how Kate’s dad thinks? Is this how most people think?

Secondly, some people undoubtedly possess a growth mindset while others a fixed mindset. Kate’s link to the online questionnaire was fantastic, causing me to investigate a relevant online resource which may or may not be effective in triggering a spark of ‘change’ for people with fixed mindsets. Growth vs Fixed Mindset is a short (1:15) Youtube (view here) which I found inspirational; however, I believe I have a growth mindset (why else would I start my university experience at my age).

Apart from humouring and frustrating their children, does it matter if a person has a fixed mindset, rather than a growth mindset? Do you think that a fixed mindset has taken hold due to the life lived: the experiences, the mentorship, contentment? Does a person’s mindset stay the same throughout their life? The answers to these questions probably reflect the mindset of the reader and where they are in their life’s journey.

Kate Walker || ICT and Pedagogy

So.. this blog post will be talking about my dad and the fact he may be a bit behind with the times.. I’m not sure he would be pleased I’m writing a 100 or so words about him on a public blog, but I’m sure mum will have a good laugh after she reads this. Neil Postmans 5 things to know about technological change (read previous post for more information) 2# highlights that ‘Technology creates winners and losers’. Now i’m not going to call my dad a loser, but he is more in that direction with his relationship with technology; it does make me laugh.  Dad is in his mid to late 50’s and his only recently (well in the past couple of years) warmed up to the idea of using technology. Mum has a tablet which she uses to go on facebook and what not and dad has just…

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