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Fellow student Anna Murphy commented on ACARA website Scootle (here):

Found this.. great resource for prac. Found some great ICT activities and games for children of all ages

Following the week 2 outline, I registered for Scootle today and totally concur with Anna’s comment.

Scootle is a site developed by ACARA containing an abundance of resources and activities directly correlating to the Australian Curriculum strands, content descriptions and elaborations.  General capabilities and cross curriculum priorities are included.

Currently undertaking Teaching Science for Understanding, I quickly and keenly searched for activities and resources relevant to Physical science that could enhance my first assignment.

If working with students with special needs or in the lower primary/early childhood sector you might be interested in this activity (here) to reinforce knowledge and implement skills pertaining to Physical sciences.


As a pre-service teacher, I feel ACARA have been very prudent creating this site to assist teachers.  However, wonder if my opinion will change; perhaps it will become too constraining or indeed, too difficult to use when actually teaching.

Now that I am aware of its capabilities, I expect I will keep a watchful eye on the number of teachers who actually use this resource and with what frequency.  My first point of call might be my #EDC3100 lecturer, Joe Wright, who is Head of Junior at a local school.

Scootle – a user-friendly site, and hey, if you are a little creatively challenged like moi, or simply not up to reinventing the wheel, try it!


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  1. Reblogged this on GOannnaa and commented:
    Hey I’m glad you have found this site to be just as useful as I have! I used Scootle a lot during my last prac! The children absolutely loved the games and activities I had set out for them from Scootle, and of course they were all very educational and fit in perfectly with ACARA! 🙂

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