Technology assisting students with disabilities

Fellow student, Kiralee Barnett, today shared a website containing 40+ apps to assist students with disabilities in the classroom (here).

A fantastic resource not mentioned on this particular list of iPad apps to assist students with a disability is Proloquo2Go.

Working closely with my mentor teacher and the speech therapist, I witnessed this app in operation assisting a student with a hearing impairment and with English as a second language, engage in classroom activities and communicate effectively in the public arena, for example, ordering morning tea in a busy, local shopping centre.

In the few short weeks I was in this classroom, the student using Proloquo2Go became more engaged and involved in classroom activities. He took his iPad to dancing classes, the gym, the shopping centre and other classes such as Science, enabling communication with a wider range of people.

He became quite animated, delighting in being able to ask questions and say “Hello” to teachers and peers using their name – and his peers loved it. He even used this tool to communicate on an iMovie, which was entered into a Gardening Competition.

Unfortunately, one constraint regarding this resource is the cost. However, it is my understanding a range of funding opportunities are available to assist with the purchase of such a tool. Another is the necessity for either the speech therapist or the teacher to ensure the program is updated with relevant terminology.

I look forward to returning to this same school to see how effective this resource still is for this particular student. For more information regarding Proloquo2Go click here


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