Reflecting on a theory …

Well, it is week 1 of #EDC3100 and we have been asked to write a blog post reflecting on an experience with a theory and how we used it. I have decided to reflect on backwards design (BWD) theory, as one of the courses I completed over the Summer Semester necessitated the use of BWD to develop a six-week unit.

I really enjoyed the process; however, I am not sure if I stuck to the rules 100%. I had a pretty good idea in mind for my unit, but I had to make sure to get the desired results, the curriculum could support it or vice versa. This meant I had to tweak my plan here and there. Nevertheless, it was a great way to develop a deep understanding of the relevant curriculum.

The BWD process, to me, was really effective in keeping the goals attainable at all times; remembering to consider what the students needed to understand, developing specific learning outcome statements, and importantly the development of assessment evidence – diagnostic, formative and summative. Whenever I veered onto a different tangent, the BWD forced me to get back on track.

Stage 3 of the BWD was quite fun, researching and including a variety of activities to scaffold the authentic assessment strategy chosen. For me, it was not difficult because of the pre-planning of desired results and assessment evidence.

From this assessment, I look forward to using BWD again, but I am cautious as to its effect in ALL unit plans. I will hopefully, maintain an open mind to other processes that may be introduced during my teaching journey, but must say, at the moment, the BWD is a goer!

Our assessment template was adapted from the following backward design link:


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  1. I have also previously enjoyed using the BWD model for another unit of work during my educational studies. Knowing where I expected the students to be by the end of my unit plan helped me to keep on track and the BWD model helped ensure this was the case. I also look forward to utilising this resource in 2014.

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