Don’t fear to be wrong …

The point made by djplaner (refer below) is extremely relevant to the circumstances I found myself in over the past two weeks when completing “Fill in the Blanks” and “Hello Kitty”.

djplaner 02 Mar 14 01:28:13
Links established between Seymour Papert and Carol Dweck and how you conceptualise errors. Especially appropriate for the start of this course. Don’t fear to be wrong, or worse to be seen to be wrong. Getting it wrong is a good thing. An opportunity to learn embrace it, don’t fret, and develop skills in problem solving (with help where appropriate).

Developing answers to the learning activities to be completed as part of #EDC3100 caused me to:
• pause
• consider
• reflect
• check
• question
• seek affirmation, and finally
• post.

But why the need for affirmation that what I was doing was right? The course had barely commenced, yet I was running for cover, lest my answers not be right.

My positive self-talk tells me at the beginning of every course:
• you do not know the answers
• you are there to learn something new
• you are not expected to be able to complete the tasks and assignment RIGHT NOW
• your learning is a journey.

Yet, I fear I am not alone. The forums and blogs relating to this course have many of my peers seeking clarification to their concerns, searching for answers, justifying actions.

Overwhelmingly however, there are so many more providing assistance and encouragement to peers.

In the words of follow student melmessenger: “I will endeavour to do my best”

This will be my impetus to ask for help, seek clarification and give it a go!


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